Wordsmith Episode 2: A little Yelp from my friends

Word Works’ sponsored podcast, Wordsmith, just cut its second episode, on Yelp.  Stephen Heiner interviews a couple Yelp Elites and asks them about how and why they create their content.  Take a listen, if you’d like, and to keep track of future episodes, go to this link.


Brought to you by Word Works, Inc…

Wordsmith is happy to present to our listeners a forerunner in the world of social media marketing, James Hahn II, of TribeRocket.com. Formerly a technical writer for DrillingInfo, James has invested years of research and practice into developing some unique strategies designed to maximize potential in the vast digital marketing scheme of things. He has generously agreed to share some ideas with us today; we’ll hear great advice about building connections, to networking etiquette, to maximizing brainstorming sessions and more. Wordsmith is a new monthly podcast on the AMDG Radio network  and is brought to you by Word Works, Inc.