LinkedIn: Does it Matter?

With over 259 million users, LinkedIn is no small social network. Considered the top professional networking and job search site, LinkedIn is a useful tool for both professionals and businesses to share their talents, experiences, and references. LinkedIn is also a goldmine for business news and discussions as users and businesses share articles and stories aggregated across the web on one platform. Sounds like LinkedIn matters to me!

A powerful tool for marketing yourself and your business, LinkedIn allows for numerous opportunities to showcase yourself and your products to gain contacts that can lead to future jobs or clients. In this post, I’ll explore highlights of personal profiles, as well as company profiles that are key to presenting yourself in the best light.

Key Features of Your Personal Profile

It’s important to optimize your personal LinkedIn profile by filling in every section as completely as possible. This will help manage your online reputation by optimizing your profile for your name and skill set.

Recommendationslinkedin recommedations

LinkedIn recommendations are important for LinkedIn users who are either trying to secure a new job or a potential client by showing off some of your highlights. Recommendations are the LinkedIn equivalent of references and I recommend personally requesting recommendations from those who you have a strong relationship. In that note, ask your reference to give a specific example, if possible, so the recommendation holds more weight. In my opinion, Recommendations are much stronger than the Skills section since anyone can give you props for a skill even if they have never worked with you in that area.

Professional PortfolioLinkedIn Professional Portfolio

LinkedIn’s portfolio feature is a great way to showcase your professional experience using rich visual content. Key areas of this great imagery tool are in your LinkedIn summary, experience, and education sections. Types of content that can be added are photos, videos, presentations and audio recordings. Here is the official list of approved providers, like SlideShare and Spotify.

Key Features of Your Company Page

Again, it’s important to fill in every section as completely as possible to provide the story of your business in a visual and concise manner to show your business in a positive light.

Company UpdatesDell - Best LinkedIn Page of 2013

When sharing posts from your company page, share useful tidbits of information to grab your readers attention. Also, sharing information about your corporate culture helps readers connect to your brand, which is helpful in growing brand ambassadors. Companies, like Dell, one of LinkedIn’s best company pages of 2013, “doesn’t bury the lead” when they share status updates. “Companies with snappy intros catch the eye and get better engagement.” Check out some of the other top pages of 2013 here.

Use Visual ContentFour Seasons Visual Content with References

Rich media and visual content doesn’t end with your personal page. With Company Pages, you can create large image (and clickable!) headers, as well as individual icons for each product and service you offer. There are also several places within your page where you can include short videos to engage your visitor.

So to answer the question, does it matter? Yes. Yes, LinkedIn does matter. Comment with your success stories below.