A Delicious Treat

There’s no reason for anyone to ever again be at a loss for exciting new recipes.  Ever.  If you feel you are in such a dire condition, one glance at will dispel you of the notion faster than a meringue can fall flat. is a Pinterest-style website chock full of more food related content than you can shake a stick of butter at.  Once you land on the page, you will see two main features.  Across the top are buttons where you can login with your Facebook or Twitter ID, as well as three main category links: Recipes, Restaurants, and Collections (we’ll come back to these in a moment).  Below that are row upon row of tiles showing pictures of every kind of recipe imaginable.  Clicking on one of the pictures takes you to a detailed description page for the recipe, a link to where the recipe was originally posted, and some other helpful information such as links to related recipes and collections in which this particular recipe has been included.

The Restaurants category has tiles displaying all the restaurants posted on the site, each with a map and contact information so you can check them out in person.  If the
choc_cherryrestaurant is actively engaged on, you will also see the various dishes and collections associated with the restaurant.  It’s a great way to check out new places near you and find out what they have to offer.

Collections are groups of dishes that have been linked together for one reason or another.  Some collections are themed for a special occasion, some are similar types of food, some are fully coordinated multi-course meals.  The beauty of crowdsourcing food like this is that there are so many users who have unique ideas on how to group various foods together, so the creativity never stops.

Speaking of creativity, the content on is generated by the users of the site, which means there is an incredible amount of variety.  It also means there are a vast number of connections you can make, following people who post great recipes, following collections as a whole — and seriously, who wouldn’t want to keep a close eye on a collection titled, “Line ‘Em Up & Knock ‘Em Down – Dessert Shots & Shooters” — and leaning on the experience of others to create culinary treat after culinary treat.  You can mark certain recipes as ones you “Love” and you can check off ones that you’ve successfully prepared.  The site contains a terrific search function to help you find just what you’re looking for, and allows you to sort results using filters like most recent or top posts.  You can also look at an individual user’s collections and recipes; a number of users have built up quite a following, and it takes only a brief look at the pictures on their pages to understand why!

The pictures are usually close-ups and almost always of very high quality, clearly showing the end result of the recipe in mouth-watering detail.  Directions are easy to find, understand, and follow.  The site is very intuitive and incredibly easy to use.  In short, if you’re looking for food, you can’t go wrong here.

roast_turkeyYou can use the site without logging in if you’re just looking for ideas and recipes, but as with so many other social media platforms out there you will get a whole lot more out of it if you’re willing to engage a little bit.  Logging in will get you access to all the “social” parts of this social media site, like following other users, uploading your own recipes or forming your own collections, and interacting with other users.

With a slogan like “Where food comes first. Discover, connect and share with like-minded food lovers” it is obvious that is a site designed for foodies…by foodies.  Check it out.  Your tummy will thank you!