Email Marketing: it’s not dead…yet.

Just as the poor-plague-ridden peasant says in the Monty Python video above, so too email marketing cries out (truthfully), “I’m not dead, yet!”  One of the services we offer here at Word Works is MailChimp campaign administration.  We create and administer your email newsletter campaigns by making the best use of that email list you’ve worked hard to obtain.  We know that email newsletters are on that nagging “to-do” list that never gets done unless you lock yourself in the office and put a sign out front that says “do not disturb!” and power through it for a few hours.  It’s “important” but not enough – in your estimation – for you to set aside time to do it.  And yet it is important, which is why we provide that vital service to our clients.

In all the fawning over social media these past years, people miss the huge opportunities that email marketing still presents.  Don’t you love the feeling of “found money”?  You’re putting away clothes or unpacking them and you found some cash in the pockets.  It’s a great feeling – because you didn’t realize it was there but you are so happy now that you’ve found it.  Email marketing is the same and here’s why you should use it:

#1: It works.  Do you ever wonder how/why Amazon, Netflix, Apple, or Gilt use email marketing?  Because they’ve spent millions of dollars in research and experience to prove it.  Can you honestly say you’ve never bought a product or service via an email prompt?  Indeed you have.  It’s about crafting the right message.

#2: It’s another medium.  As people push back against the mountains of email they receive every moment of every day, the very fact that they haven’t unsubscribed – these days a simple one-click motion – to yours is an indication to you that they are at least open to anything you have to say.  So say something meaningful!

#3:  It gives you an opportunity to track behavior.  MailChimp (we don’t dismiss Constant Contact – but we prefer a service that is freemium-based, like MailChimp).  You can see what “clicks” with your customers and shape/pivot accordingly.  It also gives you an opportunity to share “heart-to-heart” letters or nmailchimpotes that just don’t share as well in social media or websites, which are more and more the mediums of a moment.  Email pauses for a few moments more.

#4:  It’s where your competitors aren’t.  We all know that the best businesses do almost everything right.  As you aspire to be among the best you too must do things that your competitors aren’t doing, especially when it’s in a channel that is ignored and underutilized because it takes even more work than social media.  More and more people are realizing that all these things take a lot of work and you can’t just dump an email newsletter, like social media, as an additional task on a regular employee.

The golden age of email marketing may have passed with the peak of Groupon or LivingSocial (which are still around!), but there’s still plenty of business to be had in a silver or even bronze age that follows.  Don’t miss those opportunities!