How To Use SlideShare for Your Small Business

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Does your business use SlideShare as a social media marketing tool? SlideShare is a great resource for providing information to your target audience. When used effectively, SlideShare is a powerful way to market your business and generate leads.

Your business is probably using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, so what is the hesitation with SlideShare? SlideShare is a valuable resource for improving your search engine optimization and also proving your business as a subject matter expert, which is valuable in driving leads. Historically underutilized, SlideShare has less competition, so your business can take the spotlight quicker than on other platforms.

SlideShare is “the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content” and boasted an average of 60 million unique visitors a month in Q4 of 2013. [Source: SlideShare] You can upload presentations, infographics, documents, PDFs, videos and webinars to your SlideShare company page. In this post, I’ll share our recommendations for how to use SlideShare effectively for your small business.

Add Links and Calls To Action Within Your Presentation

SlideShare is a useful way to provide subject matter expertise, but we understand you really want SlideShare to help drive users to your website where they can convert. By using embedded links and call to actions within your presentations, you create a seamless transition from your presentation to your website for interested readers. Starting at the fourth presentation slide, you can place live links in your presentation that send users to relevant landing pages. You can take advantage of an interested user by including clear calls to action, both through text and visual items, like arrows and buttons. Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to share and download your slides.

Optimize Your Presentations With Keywords

Finding the right keywords are important for your brand as a whole, in addition to your presence on SlideShare. Consider the relevant keywords for your SlideShare presentation topic and use those keywords within your filename before uploading to SlideShare, as well as in the title, description and tags of your presentation. Since Google is taking a stronger look at relevant synonyms in search, it may be useful to use variations of your keyword phrase to rank higher in search, as well.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a business professional network, owns SlideShare and the platforms work seamlessly together. LinkedIn even encourages SlideShare use by allowing upgraded features to all users at no cost. In addition to uploading your unique presentations, you can upload video. We recommend repurposing company videos and webinars on this platform through short teaser videos. LinkedIn’s sharing functions allow you to share certain SlideShare videos and presentations with different audiences making your exclusive content that much more desirable. Share your presentation from your personal and company pages to increase your reach. While you are in sharing mode, make sure to share the SlideShare slides on your other social networks too!

Insider Tip: SlideShare lets you update your posts without losing your social shares and views counts, so feel free to take a look at old presentations as a starting point.

Ready to Get Started with SlideShare?

If you are ready to take the next step, we encourage you to jump right in. As with any content marketing and social network, it may take time before you find the right strategy and voice that works for lead generation, but keep at it. Visitors most likely are looking for several interactions with your brand before they are ready to make a purchase or commitment.