About Our Writers

shStephen Heiner is a serial entrepreneur. After he sold his most recent venture, an educational company, he returned full-time to his passion for writing. Stephen has been published in both local Kansas City publications, like the Kansas City Star, and national publications, like the Angelus Magazine. He also freelances for websites like Front Porch Republic, attracting notice from sites like Andrew Sullivan’s Atlantic blog. Stephen currently resides in Paris, France, in the bustling 2nd arrondissement. Stephen holds a BA in English from Rockhurst University and an MBA from Saint Louis University. He also served as a Nuclear Biological Chemical Defense Specialist in the United States Marine Corps.
slSarah Lokitis Kiomall holds a BA in Corporate Communication and Dance from James Madison University. Sarah served as a Social Media Manager at an online marketing agency and has published articles on Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, and lokitisj.wordpress.com. She has presented at SMX: Social Media Marketing, SMX: Toronto, MarketingProfs University: Search Marketing School, the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, and Charlottesville SheBlogs. She enjoys dancing, wedding planning, and hiking. She currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina.
shBrandon Carlson holds a BS in Information Systems from Kansas State University and an MBA from Rockhurst University. Despite his technical background and training, he has a creative streak that insists on manifesting itself online through various writing projects. He has blogged on a range of topics, including science fiction, politics, sports, and life in general. A self-proclaimed geek, he enjoys gizmos, gadgets, and most shiny things. He lives in Kansas City with his wife and three children.
shM. Zapp earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts, emphasis in Education, from St. Mary’s College, but discovered her business niche was sales and marketing. She is a contributor to multiple online and print publications, a freelance writer, and tries to work on indie pubbing her own novels when she has time. She resides in Tampa with her husband and five children, reads more space opera than is wise, and loves to cook.

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