3 Social Media Marketing Resolutions for 2015

computer-resolutionsDid you craft measurable resolutions for your business at the end of 2014? We’re just over a week into 2015, so if you haven’t had time to do that, don’t fret; there is still time. Resolutions are difficult to make if they are broad, unrealistic and there isn’t a way to measure if you are sticking to them. Borrowing from Lululemon’s goal setting process, create a vision to provide focus to your business’ overall growth. Would you like to have the resources to hire more staff, expand your services, or reach into a new market area? Once you have your overall dream for 2015, create the goals to get you there. Goals should be specific, measurable and written in the present tense. From your overall business goals, determine the social media goals that can assist your efforts. Here are three social media goals to get you started on the right foot for 2015:

1. I determine what social channels are or aren’t working for my business by properly tagging social media URLs and monitoring progress within my analytics software once a week.

Whether you use Google Analytics or another analytics tool, it is important to accurately track what sources are performing for your business. If you have goals set up in your analytics software, proper tags will let you know which specific tweet or Facebook call to action drove the inquiry or sale. Tagging your links with the appropriate parameters will allow traffic and site activity to be attributed to the correct sources. Remember to craft your parameters with care, so they can be used consistently without any future changes. Also, aim to learn something about your audience or social metrics each week. Check out this helpful URL Builder for Google Analytics to get started.

2. I devote time monthly to update my business’ social media profiles to make sure the information is up-to-date and useful to my audience.

Things change. It’s important to let your audience know when they do, so they don’t try to call the wrong number or visit an outdated social media profile. Once a profile is created, we rarely go back and edit the information even if our company has grown and developed. Set aside time to review each field on your profile and fill in any relevant blank spaces. This Hootsuite resource is a good guide for setting up both your business profiles and your personal social media profiles. When reviewing your social profiles, remember to check for consistency in messaging across all channels.

3. I monitor what changes are occurring in the social media space by reading social media blogs and networks daily.

The world of social media changes fast. What is in one day may be out the next and subtle changes may make a difference in how you market your business online. Pay attention to blogs that post new trends, ideas and tools so you can make sure your business continues in the right direction. Social Media Examiner and Marketing Land are good resources to bookmark. To get you started on this quest, check out the new Call to Action button for Facebook pages.

What Are Your Social Media Resolutions?

While these goals are a good place to start, take time to look at your business’ goals and determine how your social media can support those goals throughout the year. Figure out how your social media can become more effective and authentic and run with it. I invite you to share your goals in the comments below or on our social media profiles. Cheers to a successful year in social media!


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