Get To Know: Twitter’s New Analytics Dashboard

In the summer, Twitter released a new analytics dashboard with high level snapshots of key metrics. Yay! One catch.. this dashboard was only available to advertisers and verified users. Boo! Thankfully, about two months ago, this dashboard became available to all Twitter users. Huzzah! In this post, I’ll share some insight into the value of this tool for the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaign.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard - Favorites

Comparable to Google Analytics, the Twitter Analytics dashboard (available at allows you to measure the performance of every single tweet you tweet! The dashboard shows the number of people to see each tweet, along with how many people engaged with the tweet. Engagement encompasses clicks anywhere on a tweet (username, hashtag, link, tweet expansion), along with retweets, replies, follows, or favorites. The dashboard also aggregates tweet data for each month and allows you to compare it to previous months.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard - KPI

Having this data for organic tweets is very valuable for marketers as you can test different formats of tweets and tweeting dates and times to learn what works best for your audience. Being able to clearly see which time of day and day of the week yields the highest engagement and impressions can help you set up and schedule future campaigns.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard - Engagement Rate

Further, knowing what tweet styles are the most effective is key. Pay attention to what formats of your tweet create the most engagement. Do they include a particular call to action, link or rich media? Even the length of your tweet may impact the number of times it is shared or clicked. We have found that it is valuable to tweet often to gain the most exposure, especially if you are testing your overall impact to figure out what is most effective. Having this information can help create clearer messages truly targeted to your followers.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Finally, in addition to the updated web interface, the CSV export tool will show you data for up to 3,200 Tweets (up from 500) and includes a breakdown of all impressions and other engagement numbers.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard - Link Clicks

What Impact Do Your Tweets Have?

Twitter Analytics dashboard will help you identify in real time which tweets are getting the most attention and how you’re reaching your audience, information you can use to determine the Twitter strategies that work for you. If you haven’t taken a look yet, I encourage you to do so and let us know what you think! If you are using the analytics dashboard already, what have you found the most helpful and what changes would you make? Please feel please free to tweet your feedback on the dashboard @wordworksinc or comment below.


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