3 Ways for Your Business to Effectively Use YouTube

What do you think of when you hear the word “YouTube”? Do you think of cute babies laughing with their dog or silly cat videos? Those videos may make it seem difficult for your business to take advantage of a platform that screams viral videos made of things unrelated to your company. We’re here to argue that your business should make an effort to be present in order to increase your online visibility, promote brand trust and reach out to new customers. It’s important to be where people are and with YouTube boasting “more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month”, you can’t deny the powerful potential of YouTube.

1. Create a Series of Diversified Videos

Creative marketers can shine by creating a varied set of videos, in turn increasing their viewership. Posting the same style of video over and over again may cause users to click away, so we encourage creativity! A strong strategy encourages diversified video, with content ideas ranging from behind the scenes videos, presentations, client testimonials, exclusive interviews with founders, and how-to’s.

In April, YouTube announced that GoPro had the top brand channel. While the product is geared to video and images, they do a great job exploring different adventures that reach different people. GoPro has their channel set up into different playlists, including animals, surf, skate, and music, as well as product videos and tutorials with tips from the pros.

2. End Videos with a Call to Action

Success on Youtube means not only engaging viewers to simply watch a video, but by building a community and getting viewers to take action. At the end of each video, ask your user to connect in some way, whether you ask them to share the video, subscribe to your video channel, comment on the video in response to a question posed, or register for an event.

A great example of the video call to action is at the end of Kid President videos. At the end of his “Pep Talk” video, he asks the viewer to pass the video along, to share it, to like it, to comment on it, and to use the #kidpresident hashtag. After those call to actions, Soul Pancake (the business that supports Kid President) provides a link to subscribe to their channel, watch more Kid President videos, or to buy a shirt related to the video. Also, within the description of the video, they optimize the use of tags and include links to relevant websites and social media.

3. Advertise on YouTube

Unfortunately, unless you are an animal network that is able to post cat videos on the regular, it is quite difficult for videos to go viral naturally. Through advertising you can promote your video to people who might otherwise not be searching for your content. Videos can be posted as advertisements, but also watched organically. In 2013, AdWeek released the 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube. The top two were Evian’s “Baby & Me” and Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”. They were listed as ads, but received impressive organic views as people naturally shared and liked the videos from YouTube. Take a look and see what key takeaways you can find through watching those advertisements.

Takeaway: Watch Tons of YouTube Videos

If you’re serious about harnessing YouTube as a marketing platform, then do your research. The way to discovering what’s effective on YouTube is to spend some serious time watching videos with the goal of recognizing powerful concepts that you can bring to your videos.


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