But you can’t blog for us: we’re too specialized!

Some time ago we wrote about one of the services we offer: blogging for clients.  In that article and in other places we’ve made the point that while you or one of your staff might be the ideal person to create content, your current schedule may not allow for it.  You’re allowing the “we really should be blogging” turn into the “I thought we talked about blogging six months ago – why isn’t it getting done?”  But you might still hesitate and say: “Stephen, I’d love to outsource this but our industry is just too darn specific.”

I hear you.  May I turn your question around a bit?  Why do you think we enjoy working with “specific” industries?  It is the age of the niche.  As Google morphs over time from an analog search tool to a sophisticated partner that can process orally-asked questions, those blogs and that content which have pre-answered the most important questions will have the edge in being found by info-hungry potential customers.  No matter what the industry of our client, we always have to think small in order to think big.

So, in reminding you that the scope of our articles often leans niche, I’m happy to say, we like “niche” firms too.  Is there a bit more uptime as we learn your industry through blogs, white papers, videos, and other content that you boot-camp us through?  Yes.  Is hiring us and taking the time to teach us about you still cheaper and more efficient than using your time or your staff’s time to do this?  Yes.  Does the very act of starting to create content – even through an external source – get the wheels turning for you so that you can start to contribute too?  Often.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of conversations about your industry happening on the internet right now.  Are you doing everything you can to be part of those conversations?  If you have any doubts, send an email to info AT wordworksinc.com and let’s see if we can make what you’re already doing even better.


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