Internet trolls, hijackers and Glassholes… this is the world we live in?

You’re settling down in a comfy bistro chair at the best restaurant in town. No thoughts of price or budget can mar this evening. As relaxation sets in, you become aware of the scents of expensive perfumes mingling with the ever present wafting aroma of espresso and Italian cuisine. The sunglasses come off, the napkins unfold, you lean back ready to immerse into an evening of wining and dining… but what is that? Like a dribble of cold water down the back of your shirt, you feel that distinctive, unwelcome sensation that you are being watched. Turning around nonchalantly, you hope to catch the furtive eye glancing quickly in the other direction, but instead you spy the gleam of glasses staring pointedly at you without shame. And… is that a CAMERA attached to those glasses? Staring at you?

Isn’t this illegal or something? Your privacy is certainly being violated! Expensive… evening… ruined! Who do you complain to?

Welcome to the future, the world of Google Glass. Do people actually have the right to potentially video everything they see? How about video everything they see AND put it on Facebook? As in, “ha ha, look what this nerdy guy ate at all-you-can-eat sushi night! What a pig! ROTFL…” Officials are trying to come up with legislation that answers this question, as well as others, such as, does driving while wearing Google Glass constitute driving while distracted?

This stuff, of course, is not the “use for which Google Glass was intended!” A semi-robotic, brain implant-like device, Google Glass was designed to help us organize our lives faster, more efficiently (and in a cool way!), but, just as we have impolite drivers who think they own the road and therefore the world, a new crop of impolite people, media maniacs and Glassholes, is popping up. One lady who was asked to remove her Glass at a restaurant out of concern for the comfort and privacy of the other patrons, retaliated in a rather rude way for being asked to comply with the modern version of “no shoes, no shirt, no service.” It’s about respect for other people.

Our reputation on social media is something intrinsically connected to the success of our businesses. People’s comments and/or complaints weigh heavily on the mind of the person concerned with protecting his online reputation. It’s crazy trying to weave all the threads together from Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Urbanspoon and more (and more and more!) into a reputation you can wear proudly. Here is yet another thing to keep your plates spinning!

Do you ban Google Glass at your establishment and risk offending the thousands of Glass wearers? Glass hasn’t yet hit critical mass, so this isn’t as big of a deal yet as it will be in future, but planning ahead, what are you going to implement as policy? Who are you going to risk offending, who are you going to step out to protect? Most patrons agree they are uncomfortable with someone else wearing the Glass and scoping them out. This is going to be a sticky little problem.

Google Glass does offer the world some great prospects. After following some simple rules of etiquette, using such a device has proven to be handy in many situations. Could you imagine having an influential friend in your head, like Jarvis from Iron Man, helping you evaluate and determine people’s body language, politely prompting the appropriate responses from you? To people that rate on the autistic spectrum, this kind of help would be invaluable! A young inventor, Catalin Voss, has invented just such a thing. His brainchild, Sension, is a software interface that reads people’s facial expressions and determines the underlying emotions for the wearer. Used with Google Glass, Sension makes it easier for people who have difficulty interacting to feel more confident and could definitely be considered an enormous boon to society.

Google Glass could prove invaluable for the professional blogger. Recording interviews, constantly photographing and storing memories and ideas for articles, responding to comments on the go… it’s a journalist’s dream tool!

Like everything else, things in our fast paced world are changing at a rate that is hard to keep up with. Luckily for you, you’ve got us to help scope stuff out for you.

How do you feel about Glass?







One thought on “Internet trolls, hijackers and Glassholes… this is the world we live in?

  1. First thought is that it’s weird that there are those who feel they need to record every single action of their lives and share it with others on social media. There must, however, be many practical applications to Google Glass (Police work, security guards, for instance). The idea that there is a gadget that “reads people’s faces” is bizarre.

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