Tumblr 101

Today won’t be the day that I postgame Yahoo’s acquisition of tumblr last year.  I do think it’s funny just how far Web 3.0 has distorted our notion of wealth that Forbes had an article detailing how tumblr founder David Karp would ONLY be worth about $200M after the acquisition.

Tumblr is one of the edgiest and most interesting (or at least was at the time of oh-so-boring Yahoo!’s acquisition, the hipsters would have us believe) social sites out there.  The site is a mix of bloggers and brands, but can be broken up into two main categories: curators and creators.  We’ll start with the second one first.

tumblr basicsCreate

You might want to share photos.  Indeed Instagram has the functionality to share its content right into tumblr built into its app.  Maybe you want to share inspiring quotes or news stories…hey wait a minute…is this facebook??  Fair question.  In this particular aspect, it’s not.  Facebook also allows you to share photos, links, etc.  But there are some (read: many) users on tumblr who would never go near facebook.  This might be because they are “too cool” for facebook but others simply want to limit their social media profile and figure tumblr is just cozy enough for them.

Also, unlike facebook, tumblr allows you to customize the look and feel of your homepage.  With facebook, you pretty much have what you have, though you can add a cover photo and profile picture.

Remember what we said about going where your competitors aren’t?  This is more advice along those lines.


Okay – you don’t want to simply replicate what you are doing on facebook, twitter, and google+ and call it “creation.”  You’re hip; you’re with it; or at least you want to be, and there’s nothing less cool than just the “copy/paste” move to replicate what you’re doing on every other social channel onto your oh-so-cool-and-edgy tumblr.

Then curate.  Follow cool and interesting tumblrs, be they a historical one, a funny one, or a pretty one.  Find things that are interesting to you and potential clients.  People will follow good curators.

As we said in our instagram/flickr piece, realize that this is yet another channel which you can add to your social media portfolio.  And as you make the transition away from resenting social media and its new kingship to an acceptance of its being a great – and free – way to brand-build and connect with your customers, remember that it only asks for your time.  You know, that commodity we all have a lot of.  For those of you with less of it than the rest of us, you can always hire someone competent and passionate (insert shameless plug for Word Works here) to do it for you.

Can you believe March is gone already?  See you in April!


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