Page Rank vs Domain Authority

We don’t assume that our readers have followed all the ups and downs and changes over the years in how Google indexes and ranks websites.  But a brief trip down Memory Lane will allow us to better understand where we are headed.

In the beginning, there were keywords

Remember when people would repeat key words on their websites and blog posts in order to drive rankings?  Spammers, as they always do, figured out the score pretty quickly, and just like that keywords lost relevance.

Then came PageRank

PageRank, named for Google co-founder Larry Page, has been out for some time now.  It is a score from 1 to 10 and is mostly garnered from the amount of no follow and do follow backlinks.  There are other factors, but Google doesn’t publish what those are under the claim of “proprietary information.”  To give you some social media context, Twitter has a PageRank of 10, Facebook 9, and Google self-deprecatingly gives itself a 9.

And now…Domain Authority?

If we started with keywords, and then moved on to PageRank, it makes sense to move on past these rather 1 or 2 dimensional systems.  Domain Authority does that in spades.

Scoring is from 1-100 and attempts to use a holistic rubric to measure overall quality.  There are over 100 factors used to determine Domain Authority.  Some of the big ones include:

domain authority vs page rank1) How long is the website registered for? (longer = better)

2) How old is the website? (older = better)

3) How many indexed pages are there? (more = better)

4) How deep is internal site linking? (deeper = better)

5) How frequently is content updated? (more frequent = better)

6) What is the bounce rate? (lower = better)

7) How diverse is the content? (good mix of images, text, videos, and graphics = better)

If you are scoring 40 in Domain Authority you are doing a lot of things right but keep in mind that it gets progressively harder to climb the mountain from there.

Domain Authority was created by MOZ and looks to be the new metric until…well someone else seeks to replace it.

But as you can see, Domain Authority is fully the product of a richly iterated, app-driven webverse.  If you are making your content engaging and diverse, well, your rankings will reflect that.

Being rewarded for “doing the expected.”  That’s something we can all look forward to as Domain Authority takes us beyond the lies of keywords and the tricks to game PageRank.  And that’s good for everyone.


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