Do you (or your company) need a YouTube Channel?

The question posed in the title of this article doesn’t have an obvious answer.  If you were to substitute “facebook,” or “twitter,” or “pinterest,” the answer would be an unqualified “Yes!”  Your company needs to be on those social networks in order to simply keep up not just in your own industry, but in business in general.  It is those companies that put effort into those social networks that will get the best results from them.

That same effort needs to go into a YouTube Channel, for our answer to the original question posed above is, “Probably.”  Here are a few reasons why:

It’s precisely NOT facebook or twitter. 

YouTube is the most visual and active social media channel you can be on.  Vine and Pinterest and Instagram have aspects of what makes YouTube great, but none of those social media channels is likely to ever launch something as worldwide-mega-viral as “Gangnam Style.”  You will have an opportunity to show people inside aspects of your business – think “how-to”s or “interviews with the staff” or “behind the scenes.”  And you don’t have to post every single business day – as it’s important to do on those other networks – just weekly or biweekly is plenty for a healthy channel.

You or your staff have stage fright.

Perfect.  This is an opportunity for you to get over that.  If you’re running your own business, you’re already doing one of the bravest things on this planet.  What’s great about YouTube videos is they aren’t live!  You can take and re-take, with the comfort of only speaking to whomever is recording you.  You’ll have time to get it right.  Perhaps one of your staff shines behind or in front of the camera?  It’s a great way to give them an opportunity to expand their job responsibilities while staying on target with your brand responsibilities.

You don’t know what you’re going to talk about.

That’s fine.  We already alluded to that above, but we’ve also talked before about the myth of not having anything to say.  Buy some pizza, have lunch with your staff, and have an unmitigated brainstorming session where you write down every idea that people utter.  There will be plenty of time to get rid of the bad ideas later.  The good ones will stand out right away.  And remember, youtube is a great place to do video versions of the blog content you’ve already created, or to do an “extended discussion” of a blog post you’ve already done.  You don’t have to “double-create” content.  Additionally, you can set your channel feed so that people can see what your channel “likes” and that’s a great way to cross pollinate/get the attention of already existing channels that have a lot more subscribers than you do.

You are not a professional videographer/you don’t have a camcorder.

Depending on the types of video you are going to shoot, this might not matter.  Now, obviously if you’re a video production company trying to plug your services, you’re going to want to have lights-out production values.  But if you’re a bakery walking someone through how to make a delicious seasonal dish, or a landscaping company showing people tips for dealing with weather conditions, the content, not the production values, will be the star.  Many phones and tablets have incredible lenses on them that can also function in video mode.  Most of your digital cameras will also have a video mode.  Apart from a tripod (a simple accessory that is very helpful) you might already have the tools you need.

  You like staying in your office.

Well, we can’t really help you here.  Shooting video is a perfect excuse to get outside into the fresh air.  Given the weather conditions lately, though, perhaps your segment could involve the proper way to create and throw a snowball?

Above all, we urge you to have fun.  This is a great way to engage with your audience and lend a human element to your business.  It may be a short two minute video that your potential client sees on his/her mobile device (remember that when shooting videos – that is where the majority of people will watch videos in the very near future – so create your content with a smaller screen size in mind) that makes him/her decide to go with your firm and not your competitor.



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